Lemon Automobiles And Automobile Lemon Law

What is A Lemon Automobile?

Lemon is a citrus fruit with a distinctive sour taste. In slang usage, ‘Lemon’ stands for a
worthless or inferior quality product or thing, which the manufacturer/seller passes off as a
quality product or item (of course, the buyer is in the dark). The purchase deal, therefore,
leads to an unpleasant experience. Adjudged from this angle, a defective automobile, which has
some severe concealed manufacturing defects or requires repeated repairs, rendering it unfit
for use, is termed a LEMON Automobile.

Automobile Lemon Law

Once used merely as an expression, ‘Lemon Automobile’ is now used in legal contexts and that
due to the enactment of the Automobile Lemon Laws. Automobile Lemon Laws were formulated to
protect the interests of the buyers should they bump into fraudulent automobile purchase deals
where the vehicle fails to meet quality and performance standards due to some concealed defect.

Automobile Lemon Laws exist in every state in the United States and the rules vary from state
to state. Thus, Lemon Laws in some states do not cover used or leased vehicles and are
applicable for new purchases only.

Generally, consumers are permitted to demand full refund for defective vehicles from
manufacturers and the law makes it binding that the company either fixes the problem or takes
back the automobile making a full refund. Some state-rules, however, allow the manufacturer to
tender replacements for the Lemon Automobile. The replacement, of course, has to be in the form
of a brand new, fully functional car. In any case, the protection rights that the buyers are
entitled to go beyond warranty periods.

What Flaws Are Deemed Manufacturing Defects By The Automobile Lemon Law?

The list of defects is extensive; however, brake problems, electrical problems, engine
problems, steering defects and transmission problems are considered as serious defects.

Under What Circumstances Are You Protected By The Automobile Lemon Law?

You will be protected by the Automobile Lemon Law only if your vehicle shows defects that
correspond with those stipulated under the Automobile Lemon Law, like

– The vehicle has a manufacturing defect that affects its performance, value or safety.


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